Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is therapeutic massage developed in Japan based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It relieves pain, tension and balances energy.  Clients wear light clothing.  Shiatsu technique involves pressure, kneading, soothing and stretching to increase the flow of blood and qi throughout the body.  It is both relaxing and energizing.





Alight Shiatsu Studio

North Loop MPLS



Alight Shiatsu Studio

514 N. 3rd Street #100

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401




Clients wear light clothing and lie on a low table designed for Shiatsu.  

A Shiatsu massage can easily fit into your day and make a positive impact on your wellness.

Shiatsu massage restores the vital energy of the body also known as Qi.

Shiatsu treats pain by unblocking of muscles and energy channels.  

Soothing, kneading, tapping and stretching techniques promote feelings of relaxation,  restoration and ease.